Working on ME

One of the goals that I have set for myself over the end of December was that I needed to spend more time with me, I needed to figure out what I am doing, what I want. I think that spending more time with me is going to be enlightening. I have been struggling for well over a year with a few issues, and I am determined to figure it out in 2016. Now, this is not my official "resolution" post (I am still trying to make some kind of pretty graphic to go along with my resolutions), but this is one of the biggest things that I want to accomplish. I find myself struggling with my mental game, I get dizzy spells, and I have even been to a neurologist and had an MRI at this point.

Hard to believe that some stress and anxiety in my head could cause neurological problems...

So as I have gone into the year, I have been really making an effort to find things that will help calm my mind, things that will help my focus, and things that will really help me to figure out what direction my life needs to take.

First up, as introduced to me by Leana (Wasatch Back and Oiselle teammate), the Headspace app.
I have only been doing this for 2 days now, and so I am not sure that I really have a good handle on it yet, but 2 days is the start. I am going to do the full ten day free streak, and then take it from there. If things get better, then I might continue to do it. I am looking for clarity, and hopefully this can help me find it.

The second thing that I am doing is "typical" of the times we are in. I have seen it everywhere, and it seems to be a super "trendy" thing.
Adult coloring books. I have three now. Addie got me owls and steampunk fashion for Christmas (and a big box of colored pencils) and I had a flowering mandala one that I got for myself at Bronners back in October. The coloring above is all I did in one night. It is pretty involved. BUT I LOVE IT!


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