Training Recap: Week of January 4

The first full week of 2016 has come and gone already, which is kind of hard to believe. It has been a pretty good week, a solid week of runs.

And now that we are into 2016, it is time to lay everything out here and declare myself for the year. I have registered for my goal spring race at this point. I don't have a super clear goal yet, time-wise, but I am starting to have a fuzzy one...
I am sure no one is surprised? Glass City Half Marathon.

So let's take a look at my week. I am getting up there already, and I have made a few choices in my training to try and help me get into a better place mentally and of course physically as well. So... here we go, the first full week of the year!

Monday: 7 miles + 4x30s strides. 7.56 miles, run with Charlie - CORE
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: scheduled: 6 miles, easy
                     actual: 4 miles fast, 3 mile cooldown (whoops)
Thursday: scheduled: 2 mile warm up, 2 @ 7:45, 2 @ 7:35, 1 mile cool down
                 actual: warm up and cool down as planned. 4 mile cutdown - 7:24, 7:22, 7:18, 7:15 and                                   4x30s strides - CORE
Friday: 50 minutes, walking - CORE & basic lifts (kb swings, trx rows, air squats)
Saturday: 6 mile recovery run
Sunday: 13 miles 4.27 miles (I do not want to discuss it)

So, I am starting to get up there in mileage, which was my own choice. I wanted an extra day of running, and I have spoken to Coach Jen about it, so she is on board. And I am READY to NAIL this.

How was your week?


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