Training Recap: Week of December 21 and December 28

Whoops. I am going to have to do a training recap for two weeks due to the blog hiatus that I accidentally took (other than Friday Five) for two weeks. Oh well. New year, and I can be back at it, right?

Training over the holidays was not perfect, it was not everything that I wanted, mostly because things got shifted around a bit, and I missed a few miles here and there, but overall, I would say I nailed holiday running. Boom.

So let's look back at the last two weeks, shall we?

December 21: 50 minutes elliptical, strength
December 22: 7.53 miles. 7 @ convo pace with 4x30s strides
December 23: 7.55 miles. 5x45s surges in the middle and 4x30s strides
December 24: 6 miles, easy
December 25: OFF (should have run!)
December 26: 5 miles (was supposed to run 10, got busy)
December 27: SICK
December 28: SICK
December 29: 7.53 miles, 4x30s strides
December 30: 6 miles easy, but a little hotter than they were supposed to be... 8:30 pace.
December 31: 7.54 miles. 5x1:00 surges at 6:15 pace. 4x30s strides
January 1: OFF
January 2: 12.2 miles. 8:10 average. no watch. bike trail.
January 3: walk, 1 hour.

So there are pretty much 2 misses in these two weeks.

1. 5 miles instead of 10 on December 26. But missing that other 5 was worth it for what I did instead. So worth it.
2. No XT or strength the next week. But because J and I got food poisoning, it pretty much was not possible. It just was not going to happen. We didn't eat for about 48 hours.

Overall, not too bad for a holiday couple of weeks. I am back in the office today for the first time since December 23, and it is going to be a tough week I am sure, but I am ready. I am motivated. I have set big goals and big dreams  (more to come) so let's knock this shit out of the park. Here we go!


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