Taking a stream of writing and coming up with actions

Sometimes I want to take the time to work through a few thoughts that I have been having in a slightly more organized fashion. I know that yesterday things maybe seemed a little bit disorganized, but I just needed to release my feelings, I think. So now to add a bit more organization to that post and try and see if I can come to some of that grace that I spoke of...

I am often feeling lost in my head. Lost in my thoughts. And occasionally, I lose an entire day and cannot site anything that I have accomplished in a day even though I have worked consistently for the entire day.

Obviously, this is not helping me to make progress or improve.

So ... I want to take a look at things that I am looking to accomplish before the close of the week in hoping that maybe I will be able to check a bunch of boxes to feel as though I have managed to get through a few things this week when I have been having some struggles feeling as though I have gotten anything accomplished.

So here is my list:
1. finalize December (work)
2. 40+ running miles
3. 3x core
4. take care of at least 5 audit requests (work)
5. only eat out (lunch) 1 time or less
6. review payroll (work)

If I am able to accomplish these things next week as I would like to, I am going to feel pretty pleased with myself. And hopefully, I can continue down the path of setting small goals and trying to check all of those boxes will help me to fall into a more positive way of thinking. Like I am actually getting things done, making a difference in my life and trying to make changes that will benefit me in the long run.

The only other BIG thing on my list is to get some therapy on my schedule. I have not gone in QUITE some time, and obviously with all of the things going on right now, I need someone to talk to more regularly. I have fallen off of the meditation train (whoops), and I need to work on getting back on. I just need to do ALL THE THING that are going to help me keep calm as we continue to go through a lot of changes at the office and as I encounter struggles at home.

And so...  Here we go!


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