Spending time with the treadmill

I hope you liked hearing a little bit about my confidence boosting tempo run from last week. This week, I am cutting back my mileage before the next three week build. Considering the amount of stress we are all under at the office, it has been difficult not to run all the miles, but at the same time, I have been too busy too run all the miles, you know?

I made a confession to a good friend/teammate yesterday. She lives on the other side of the country, but we have known each other for a few years now, and I felt like I needed to come clean about it. I am glad I did. If nothing else, it provides some additional support from another source, and when you are faced with any kind of hardship, you need the support wherever you can get it.

We got our first snow  this week. It snowed first on Sunday, then again on Tuesday. As a result, outdoor running as been limited. As I am increasing to 5 runs per week (from 4), I spent more time than I care to admit indoors on a treadmill. But with the snow and ice on the ground (and cars/drivers being IDIOTS in Cincinnati in the snow/rain/sun/dark/whatever) I decided not to risk the outdoor run. Ok, that is a lie. I attempted the outdoor run on Tuesday and turned around and came back approximately 0.25 miles into the run. I ended up running just over 0.50 miles outside, and then came back into the office, grabbed my keys and headed back out on the road to the gym.

The #runlovechallenge that Oiselle sponsored is going pretty well. I am teamed up with Kristen, whom I have never met, but I think that is part of the fun. Our goal is to run 150 miles apiece by the time February 14 rolls around (which would put us on the approximately 100 miles per month track). I am honestly hoping to have over 150 for January, but that will include XT miles. So 150 RUNNING miles by 2/14 is the goal. I should end up about halfway there by the end of this week (fingers crossed!)

I am trying to work core in at least three days per week these days. I have done two so far this week. Yesterday I found a core workout on instagram, so I screen shotted (?is that a word?) it so I could remember it for later without scrolling through my instagram.
I did this on the floor last night while being criticized for "working out too much" - I was like... I ran today, but I did zero strength training, so I think I can spend 10 minutes on core?

Anyway, hopefully it will warm up enough to melt the snow for some outdoor running next week. *fingers crossed* - there is only so much treadmill time I can take.


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