Reminders (a tempo story)

Sometimes you need to remind yourself you CAN do this. You are CAPABLE. You are AMAZING.

Last Thursday, I ran a tempo. It was a run that I had pretty much psyched myself out about. I don't really know why, because it was not at paces that I am not capable of. But I had run harder than planned the day before. I didn't think we would, because I was with Charlie and Greg, and from my understanding, Greg was just recovering from some lingering plantar fasciitis, so likely paces would be slower. But since I was wrong, I was a little bit tired going into that run.

So the scheduled run was as follows:
2 mile warm up
2 miles @ 7:45
2 miles @ 7:35
1 mile cool down

I obviously already told you what the results were of this run, but I wanted to spend some time going over it in a little bit more detail because I definitely want to remember this one. I had gotten down on myself and my abilities and speed. And so I felt like I was going to fail at this run. Obviously, I did not. I ran it faster than I could have hoped, and I generally just was running by feel. I had my watch on, but I really tried to only look at it when it beeped at the mile splits.

As I headed out, I was not sure if I was going to run 7, 8 somewhere in between there...  I have been wanting ALL THE MILES lately, so I wasn't sure how I was going to feel when I started running. My plan was to run the same 7 I  had run the day before, a 4 mile loop which took me back to my office, then another three, which I could easily turn to 4 if I wanted to. That was I was doing most of the climbing in my two mile warm up, and would just be left with rollers for the tempo portion.

I was thinking it was going to be pretty likely that my warm up miles were slower than an 8:30 pace. I was tired just THINKING about trying to knock out this run. Imagine my surprise when mile 1 ticked off at 8:00! Mile 2 was 8:04 (this had most of the climbing). On mile three, I was in the park, so I was aiming for that 7:45 pace, and thinking I might need to work for it a little, as it was going to mostly be on a trail (first mulch, then very small stone gravel). So... 7:25. Then I was back on the sidewalk for the last mile before I looped by the office. 7:22. I thought about catching my breath a little in the office, but changed my mind, knowing it might be tough to get going again. 7:18. As I ran by the lake, I thought, "hmm... this has kind of turned from a 4 mile tempo into a 4 mile cutback. I should just go with it," and pushed myself a little bit that last mile to continue to negative split it. 7:15. At this point, I knew I was going to be hurting a bit, so I ran just a 1 mile cooldown, but threw in 4x30s strides. My last mile was an 8, and I felt like I was DRAGGING!
Yeah... I nailed it. And I am putting this out there to remind myself, I CAN nail it. I can even do better!


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