My hilarious girl

Addison is just growing up too damn fast. I can hardly stand. I am not, in any way, feeling like I need or want another child, but it does make me sad to see her so grown up. But it makes me proud as well. She is turning into a good and beautiful little lady, that I love with everything in me. I would not have the life that I have without her, and for that, I am grateful.

I mean, don't get me wrong, we are having our struggles. Potty training. "Using her words" when she gets frustrated (she tends to cry or react liked a baby - biting mama when she is mad). And eating the dinner that mom and dad give her when she wants to exclusively eat yogurt.

Hiding in the bag of dress up clothes when it is time to clean up at daycare.
Camouflage at the library.
First Skyline... I think this makes her a Cincinnatian?
SUPER serious about our core work.
Art project at school.


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