Friday Five XIII

1. I have been spending a lot of time with Queen Elsa lately. But make sure that you call her "Princess Elsa" because that is what pleases her most.

2. But when she is not Princess Elsa, she enjoys making a lot of trouble. In case you were wondering, doing stuff like this will stall you from naptime, which is kind of goal number one these days. Stalling. And it works mostly because mom is trying so hard not to laugh that you can get a few extra minutes...
Please note the "Elsa braid"... She will sit still long enough to have her hair done if you make it "Frozen" related.

3. I am glad that the weather is slowly starting to get better, less cold, and less snowy. I need some running outdoors as the weather improves. While running in general is super helpful for my mental state, I DO enjoy running outside, so I would like to be able to do that...

4. I have created a list of things that I want to spend money on this year (I will share this later - next week sometime) and those are going to be the only things that I am going to purchase for myself. I am really trying to rein in my spending, and I think that having a list of "goal" items to purchase when I have enough saved might help me.

5. I am looking forward to writing a post next week sometime about how my annual goals are shaping up with one month in to the year. I am feeling pretty good and happy so far. Results to come, keep your eyes on that.


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