Friday Five XII

Welcome to Friday. I am so relieved to have survived another week. I was "technically" off on Monday, but I kept working anyway. I will take this day at some other time, some other place, in the future.

Regardless, every single time I make it all the way to Friday, I feel relieved.
1. Addison is still having struggles with the potty. I want to try and help her, but I am not sure what to do. We were SO CLOSE back in the late summer, and now, it is just... gone. We have made some major regressions, and I am not sure how to fix it. Anyone who has been through potty training toddlers have suggestions? I know you have to "wait till they are ready and all that" but in reality she WAS ready.

2. On Monday, as I said, I had to work. But I mostly worked from my couch. I watched a bunch of episodes of Parenthood on Netflix. It was actually kind of fantastic and head clearing in a super strange way.

3. It was a long week again this week - but it was 100 times better than last week because I actually was able to just DO MY WORK. And last week was not like that.

4. This is my first official week with five runs, although I had two prior weeks where I did 5 runs. But I am actually trying to follow my schedule this week and run the runs that I am supposed to do. Crosstrain and lift when I am supposed to. One week of nailed workouts can really help a girl's confidence, right?

5. I need something. I just have some needs that I need to figure out in order to more appropriately meet. I just have to figure out what it is that I need to do and how to proceed. I came up with all of these things this week. Tons of them... and then... I just can't. Yes, I am aware that this is vague. And that is on purpose.


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