Friday Five XI

Here we go. Another week of Friday Five!
1. I worked out with someone new this week, and we had a blast. He is just starting to get back into making that time to work out. I will admit, we had lunch together last week, and I called him out on it. I told him he was making excuses, and he agreed reluctantly. So I was able to convince him to meet me at the gym, and I am happy he did. Now, he lives in CT, so I can't help all the time, but when he is in town for work, you can bet I am going to have him meet me at the gym.

2. I finally saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens last Saturday! I had pretty much been wanting to see it, but with all of the sickness and things going on at my house with Addie getting sick then food poisoning for me, I have not really had a chance to do that yet. I loved it. :)

3. This is a cutback week in running for me. Considering I went over 40 miles last week running (plus another 4-ish from walking) this feels pretty weird. But I know it is all about making progress. And I know I need lighter weeks in order to continue to get stronger and faster.

4. I am having a girls night next Monday with some friends that I have not seen in WAY TOO LONG. I cannot wait!

5. I made extra effort this past week to bring "Runner Emily" into the office, as requested. I smiled more. Talked more (but tried to chill on the obscenities, since I curse like a pirate and we had all the execs in town). And tried to be open with everyone. I am considering it a successful week. :)


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