Friday Five X

Yahoo for the 10th (IN A ROW!) Friday Five post. I am pretty psyched to have gotten this post up for 10 straight weeks, even if I got nothing else out the door.

1. I am getting back into the swing of things post-holiday. Things at the office are busy, as usual, but I am feeling like I might be back and on top of things here. I know that things are going to be busy through June (at the earliest) but I am feeling ok going into all of it.

2. Running is going well. I am feeling good. Motivated. And I am ready to tackle any and all running goals that I am setting this year. I mean, I know that this motivation may not last all year, but I can hope, right?

3. Work is also going well. I am going into my "hectic time" with year end and everything else, but I am feeling calm. Prepared. Ready. I have done absolutely everything that I can do to be prepared for this time of year, so bring it on. (I have my fingers crossing that we are through this by April 1 instead of June 30 this year)

4. I am getting further and further along in my final 2016 goal setting. It has been quite complicated, but I am feeling pretty good going into the year and making sure that I am covering various aspects of my life.

5. Addison is so funny. I seriously cannot believe I am the mom to such a pretty and intelligent girl. She is a smart little thing. And in some ways it seems strange. For example, she likes Disney flicks (what two year old wouldn't?) But she likes to listen to the music from them as well. Take Lion King. If she is listening to the Circle of Life, she will call out "baby giraffe!" at the time that there would be a momma and baby giraffe coming to see Simba. Its flipping cute.


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