Addison's Third Christmas

So let's take a look back on Christmas 2015... I was really looking forward to it, mostly because it was going to be the first one of Addison's where she actually knew what was going on...  She kept talking about "Ho ho," (santa) she learned all the words to Jingle Bells and most other songs somehow become Jingle Bells (for example, Baa Baa Black Sheep eventually ends with "Jingle all the way. Hey!"), she had her very own Elf (yes, we did the Elf on a Shelf thing)... Christmas was going to be a big deal to her, and I was excited.

Addie named her elf Chippey, much to the dismay of her father...  He wanted something a little more (or maybe less?) creative, and she was struggling to name him. But J showed her the Elf on the Shelf movie, and then she was all set. Chippey was his name!
That's Chippey... He got stuck in a Tervis. But that is nothing like when Elsa froze him. That made Addie cry.

We spent Christmas in Toledo at my mom's house. I am not sure how often we will be able to handle that, because it is definitely getting more difficult to haul gifts up to Toledo, because that is where Santa comes. I guess we will have to figure that out as time goes on... We will play it by ear. Who knows where we will end up a year from now, right?

So Santa came to Toledo.
That is the tree at my mom's with all of the presents underneath it. That is everything, for the whole family. Santa still brings presents to my mom's house for my siblings and me, just different than when we were children.

We dressed up in our Elf pajamas.
4 generations of Weiher women/elves.

Santa brought Addison Picasso tiles, which were a big hit!
Momma and Addie had an elf snuggle.
(and I look drunk)
And Gramma Rose got Addie some Princess dress. She is OBSESSED. Princess Elsa makes daily appearances.


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