A stream of consciousness

Sometimes I feel as though some writing stream of consciousness is possibly the best approach for me. Sometimes I feel like I need to let out all of the things that are running around in my mind and swimming around trying to make things either more simple or more complicated, depending on what day it is at any given moment.

Sometimes just letting the words flow from my fingertips into this laptop keyboard is all I can do. And yes, this entry is likely going to seem a little bit bouncy, a little bit all over the place, but not every bit of my life is lined up as I try to make my planner/spreadsheets/to do list out to be.


In fact, very little of my life is that organized. Most things are pretty hectic and that is why I have all of the lists and spreadsheets surrounding me to ensure that I at least stay on task the majority of the time. I am trying to stay on top of a million things at once between work, running, motherhood, home... All of it. I am working on coming up with a good system that will help me to stay on top of everything, because too often as I am rolling through my lists I realize things that are important and I have completely forgotten about them.

In reality, I am seeking grace to live my life happily and calmly. Too often recently, I am feeling "shot out of a cannon", and that is simply not a good way to feel all the time. There have been days when I have arrived at my office ready to punch someone or something, and darn it, I have needed to run just to be able to sit still at my desk. I can think of one Friday morning in particular where I met up with Charlie to get a run in right at 7:15 am - the run started with both of us being SUPER angry about things...

Perhaps I need to take a lesson from Princess Elsa.
And just "Let it Go..." (Did you see what I did there? It was a Frozen joke...)

Princess Elsa is around at my house all the time these days. Sometimes I have just had enough, but you cannot convince the girl to wear her Rapunzel dress... So if I am embracing that, I am going to have to embrace the mindset as well?


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