2015 in Running

As I have mentioned a few times, I have about a zillion posts that I want to get written. At this point, some of them may be pointless (2015 recap? Holidays with a two year old? Addie being sick and me getting nothing done on a day off?) but I might write some of those posts anyway. After all, if I am going to be a better blogger this year (2016 goals?) I am going to need stuff to write about!

So I guess let's start with a running recap of 2015.

Glass City Half (PR)
Flying Pig Relay (leg 1)
Ragnar Wasatch Back with team #birdmachine
Chicago Marathon (DNF)
Indianapolis Monumental Marathon
Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day Race (PR)

By the numbers:
1474 total miles.
Highest month: September (177.52)
Lowest month: February (82.5)
3 pairs of shoes retired

PRs earned:
Half Marathon: 1:44:18
10K: 48:35

Obviously, the biggest running disappointment of the entire year is the Chicago Marathon. That DNF will haunt me forever. At least, it is highly likely. I was SO PHYSICALLY prepared for that race that I apparently forgot about my mental game. Or something. Yes, I got dizzy. Yes, I felt sick and awful, but how much of that was related to mental strength? Some of it for sure.

So, let's instead discuss the biggest triumph of the year. Indy. Now, that was not the time I was capable of, for sure. But when my ass locked up, it would have been easier for me to quit. And I seriously considered it. Big time. But instead, I picked myself up, kept running (or walking when needed) and finished the race. I am pleased with this mental hurdle that I overcame. I am SUPER proud of myself for this one, and I am feeling the momentum as I continue into 2016.

So let's go!


  1. What a year full of highs and lows! I know Chicago will be a dark cloud over you for awhile, but agree that sticking with it in Indy was a HUGE accomplishment. Don't forget that! Cheers to 2016!

    1. Cheers! Hope I get to see you sometime this year!


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