Training Recap: Week of November 30

So, another week of running has come and gone, it was not a perfect week, but it was not a bad week either. I got my runs done, I got my strength training/cross training done, so I suppose I must call it happiness?

Sometimes even when runs are not perfect, you call the week a success, right?

So let's look at a rundown of the week.

Monday: 50 minutes elliptical, full body strength training
Tuesday: 7 miles and 4x30s strides
Wednesday: 6 miles easy (8:46 average pace)
Thursday: 6 miles with 5x45s surges, 4x30s strides
Friday: OFF
Saturday: hung over (whoops, that is an entry for another day)
Sunday: 11 miles. 8:15 average pace

I am about 95% committed to my Spring race at this point. I am not quite ready to reveal, as I have not yet registered, but soon, I promise.

I ran all the miles this week that I was supposed to. I did my strength training and cross training like I was supposed to, so that is a win. So I am going to email coach Jenn this morning, give her the results of the week, and plug on, just like I always have been. I am determined to get even stronger, mentally and physically, this cycle.


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