Training Recap: Week of December 7

Like I said the other day, my biggest focus for December is not to lose sight. Not to lose motivation. I just pulled up my December training recap for last year...  I ran only 38 miles. 38! I have already hit 20 more miles than that this year. So while I am not calling the month a success just yet, I am calling it "better than last year."

So let's take a peek at how last week shook out, and keep me on task for this week.

Monday: Strength training
Tuesday: 7.56 miles total including 4x30s strides
Wednesday: 6 miles, easy pace. 8:46 average
Thursday: 4 miles
Friday: 12 miles with the last 4 at perceived half marathon pace. I averaged 8:00/mile for all 12. (I will go into details on this run later.
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: OFF

The weekend was not perfect, but I was dealing with a sick kiddo (again, another entry), and so I just took those days off and tried to enjoy it. But although I cut off my Thursday run, and had a rough run on Friday, I still think that I had a good week overall. I am trying to focus on doing my strength stuff every week. I have decided that is more important to me than xt, so if there is only time for one, that is what I am going to do.

I have started to work on all of my plans for next year, training and racing, and hopefully will be able to post about them soon. But for now...  I baked!


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