My Runner's Christmas List

So, with all of the other runner gift lists that are out there, why should you read mine? Well, obviously, it is so you know what I am asking for this Christmas. In all honesty, I don't want anything that isn't running related, family related, or home related.

So, may I present to you, my running wish list, 2016.

Honey Stingers
$26.69 for a box of 24 at RoadRunner Sports. My current energy gel of choice. They go down WAY easier that gu (for me) and I like the vanilla flavor a lot!

Oiselle Power Stretch Mittens
$32 at Oiselle. I am officially over gloves already this winter, and I went out looking for a decent and warm running mitten that would not be a ski mitten. When I had zero success at a sporting goods store, I put these on my list.

Oiselle Go Joggings
$84 at Oiselle. These are Oiselle's most versatile (I believe) running tights. They are warm enough for long winter runs, but they are stylish and simple enough to pass as leggings when paired with boots and a tunic. I have the charcoal ones already, and they see a lot of time in my office.

Oiselle Trials Hoodie
$78 at Oiselle. So this was the first hoodie I bought from Oiselle years ago, and I paid full price for it then. Every time I see it come up in sale or in the factory, I think about buying it, and I haven't, I have no idea why. I have serious regrets about that though, because I LIVE in it.

Woodway Treadmill
USED for $7,795 from Fitness Blowout. Yeah, this one won't ever happen, but a girl can dream, right?

Jaybird Bluetooth Headphones
$179.95 from Jaybird Sports. Slightly more reasonable as a gift request. But I decided wireless headphones were necessary after the Indianapolis Marathon when my wire got all tangled up and stuff when I was trying to race. So I am definitely asking for these.

What is on your runner wish list?


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