Last friday night

Yep, every now and again, even I can use a catchy pop song as my post title and not feel incredibly weird about it. This past Friday was one of those times. After a night out with my coworkers on Thursday night (which was also fantastic - holiday party downtown at the Casino which turned into me hanging out with my favorite coworkers at the steakhouse drinking good bourbon rather than hanging out upstairs with the rest of our coworkers drinking less than awesome bourbon), I headed to Toledo for the night to hang out with my dad.

Almost no one was in the office on Friday because of the party the night before (open bar will do that to a person), but I was in bright and early at 7:15 am as usual. I got in around a half day of work before heading out to drive up to Toledo. The drive was uneventful, which is always appreciated, and I arrived in Toledo just before 4 pm. I let myself into my dad's house (yay for having a key!) and headed up to his living area (downstairs he has a garage, laundry, etc). He was up there just hanging out on the couch with his giant dog, Kelso, and they were watching TV.

As soon as I got there, he was texting a few of his friends, and we agreed to meet up with them for a drink at their go-to bar. We got food while we were there, and then went to a different bar for a drink before the show. My dad had received tickets to Dirty Dancing the Musical as a gift from a client or vendor (or something) and he wanted to take me. After a drink (Blanton's) at Barr's Public, we headed to the Stranahan for the show.
Theater selfie!

And yes...  Dirty dancing. Now, I have seen a LOT of theater in my time. Good, bad, high school, professional, and even, children's...  But Dirty dancing was something else. It was a terrible show. Not that the cast was bad or untalented or anything... in fact, they were very good. The show itself was just AWFUL. Do not call your show a musical if  you are not going to be singing. Heck, they are playing a recording of "Hungry Eyes" when they are getting frisky. Ridiculous.

So, because this was the worst show EVER we left at intermission. I have never ever done that before. I was texting with my friend Kirsten, who I ran into in the restroom, and she had also left at intermission. She said that she was at a nearby bar, so my dad and I headed there first to grab a drink and say hi. I hope that they were not too upset that we crashed their party. It was a nice talk and we had a good time anyway...

Following that, we went back to Barr's where we ran into lots of folks my dad knew, including one of his clients and his secretary from a long time ago. A high school classmate of mind was playing live music, and we danced, sang, and drank for a few hours before making it home at around 1 am.

And holy shit. I felt it on Saturday...


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