Last Friday - a long run

Last Friday, I was off work. I had a 12 mile run on the schedule for the weekend, so I decided to do it on Friday when time was a little bit more wide open. Although with Addison ending up sick, it was not quite what I expected.

When she went down for her nap and J settled in on the couch to get work done, I headed out. I had 12 with the last 4 at perceived half marathon effort. Again with the "perceived" pace... I had 7:35-7:40 in mind for these miles when I set out.

It was a rough run. I was in my neighborhood this time, and headed over to the back 9 side to start. I covered approximately 7 miles over there. I ran down a winding, hilly road around the backside of my neighborhood, and once I entered another subdivision (Turnberry), I started cranking up the pace.

As soon as I started running faster, I started to struggle. I stopped to pee, I stopped to catch my breath, I stopped to stretch... It was rough. And of course, as is typical of me, I didn't just slow down and finish the run, I just paused my watch, caught my breath, and then started running fast again. There was coughing, dry heaving, all kinds of lovely side effects.

But I finished. My splits for the last 4 miles were as follows:
So even though I had a rough go of it, I would say things still turned out pretty darn will. I finished the 12 miles in an 8:00/mile pace.


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