Friday Five VIII

More Friday Five Action!

1. Merry Christmas! I just wanted to swing through here today and say that, because I hardly posted this week. Being out of the office a lot did not lead to me spending more time posting. In fact, I hardly had time to write this week.

2. We are in Toledo at my mom's house, and she pulled out all of my yearbooks and things that she had in the attic. I found the senior pictures of some of my high school friends, which was fabulous and funny. I enjoyed looking at them, and I am looking forward to showing my coworkers one in particular, as I have been talking about it recently.

3. Speaking of Toledo, I have really been missing it a lot lately. Like a way lot...  Not sure what that means or where to go with that.

4. I am hoping to knock out 10 miles on Saturday morning. I am especially hoping to do them at Wildwood. Cross your fingers for no rain here.

5. My soul searching has not been going well. I need to regain focus.


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