Friday Five VII

Happy Friday! Welcome to another edition of the Friday Five!
1. I am off work today. Plans include wrapping gifts, baking cookies, going for a long run (ok, 8 miles as it is a cutback week), making a Christmas present that I need to finish up ASAP, working on getting a few posts scheduled for next week, and probably (unfortunately) a bit of work.

2. I have been adjusting my training these weeks when I have days off. Instead of running on Mondays, I hit the gym for XT and strength, since they typically take well over an hour (1.5 hours on a light XT day). So on Tuesday I head out for my first run of the week. This week I was a little bit fired up about something by mile 2 (these things happen when I don't have music and I get to thinking!) and fired off the 5 miles and strides at a 7:45 average. Whoops. It was supposed to be convo pace.

3. I have been spending a lot of time lost in thought recently, I am not entirely sure what is going on, but I am feeling the need to do a lot of soul searching to figure it out.

4. I am really thinking that I need to get into a meditation practice, My Ragnar/Oiselle teammate Leana mentioned that she was using the "headspace" app recently. I downloaded it, figuring I would try the 10 day challenge. If it turns out that it is something that I can do, I may get a paid version. We will see...

5. This week was my first experience with a little kid Christmas program. Addie was definitely the little hippie kid standing in the back, twirling around and looking at the ceiling. She definitely has outfield dandelion crowns in her future.


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