Friday Five VI

And here we are for another edition of the Friday Five!

It was time to make a little badge, I think.

1. I am off work today. Also Monday. It is awesome. December is the best month because I am trying to get in all of my vacation before the end of the year and I lose it. Today will be a long run. Monday will be a 2 hour gym day.

2. My little Roo is not feeling well. So she is also off today.
This was her at the doctor's office yesterday afternoon. She told me that she wanted to go home, watch Rapunzel and eat Picky Bars. I am in. She just has a rough cold and a fever. They tested her for flu, strep, croup, and the normal ear infection things...

3. I STILL have not registered for my race. But I have been entering a few giveaways for entries to this race. (C'mon, I am SURE you can guess it at this point)

4. I am planning on getting my Christmas baking done this weekend. Well, at least getting a bunch of batters/doughs together this weekend, and then spend Sunday and Monday baking and frosting. I text my baked goods loving boss for requests. He came back with about 6 things.

5. How is it two weeks from Christmas? SO MUCH TO DO!


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