A sick kiddo

So as I mentioned in yesterday's post, I had a sick kiddo over the weekend. It all started Thursday...

I had 7 miles on the schedule with the final three at perceived 10K pace. My hope was to run 4 and then settle in at 7:15-7:20 pace, which is a little slower than what I would HOPE to run a 10K in, but I felt like that would be a good effort in a hillier region. And who knows, I could end up a little faster or slower, that is what "effort" based running is all about, right?

So I headed out for my run around 11:30. I stopped to tie my shoes two miles in and then my phone rang. It was Addie's daycare saying that she had a fever. My run was cut off right then. I had to get back to the office, so I ran the two miles back before I packed up all of my things and headed to get Addison. By the time I got there her fever had gone up 2* to be at 102, and so I was glad that I had called the doctor. I took her right there.

By the time she was being seen her fever was up to 103.5, and naturally that made me even more worried.
This is her sitting on the table at the doctor's office.

They gave her a flu test, strep test, and checked her ears for any sign of infection. Nothing. Just a high fever and nasty cough. So they told me that I should keep an eye on her, give her motrin for the fever, and come back if she still had it on Saturday.

So I took her home, got her settled onto the couch with water (gotta keep the sickie hydrated), and put on Tangled. Currently, Rapunzel is our favorite Princess.
This is what you look like when you are two, don't feel good, and like to wear your socks as "Elsa hands".

She still was having a fever on Saturday, so as soon as the doctor opened, I was calling to get her in for an appointment. I took her in for a lunchtime-ish appointment (11:30 am) and they found that whatever virus she had that was causing the cough had migrated into her ear, and it was VERY newly infected. Her fever was down though, controlled by the motrin. So with some antibiotics, we were on our way.

Sunday she seemed to be MUCH better, with no instances of fever, and back to her cheerful and somewhat rebellious ways.


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