A long to-do

Today is likely going to be a busy day, and I am planning on trying to get through a pretty large to-do list. I want to start the day laying out all of the items that are on my list to do in order to make sure that I don't skip out on anything. I know that it has the potential to be crazy, but I am going to really try and nail out everything that is super important today.

So let's take a quick look here at what my day will look like:

  1. Lots-o-coffee
  2. Finish writing this blog post
  3. Start writing a new post
  4. Fold laundry
  5. Mail my Oiselle Secret Santa gift
  6. review 4Q tax estimates
  7. email the coach
  8. Complete SEVERAL reconciliation
  9. Review tax notice
  10. Pull together valuation information
  11. run an easy 6
  12. review data sent to me from Sean.
  13. Complete a few journal entries.
I mean, that is not too much stuff. But obviously since I cannot go into full details regarding work items on the blog, I am a little bit more general on some of those items. But, it is time to move on and get to work.

So here is a picture of a cute kid who went to see Santa last weekend.


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