Training Recap: Week of November 9

So, I have not yet determined what I am going to train for next. I have made ZERO decisions (although I am hoping to PR a 10K on Thanksgiving - my PR is TERRIBLY out of date). But this week was still a full week of workouts - although not running ones!

It is weird to not currently be working toward a goal, but it is the "offseason" right now. I am scheduled to talk to the Coach later on today, so hopefully she can provide some insight as to what SHE is thinking for November and December - and on to Spring when I will likely be training for SOMETHING even though I am not sure what yet.

So let's look at the non-running (well, minimal running?) I did last week.

Monday: 29 minutes Jasyoga
Tuesday: 30 minutes elliptical, core
Wednesday: full body strength
Thursday: 3 miles, 8:30 pace - what felt comfortable.
Friday: Jasyoga
Saturday: 4 miles easy
Sunday: Jasyoga reset and core

Such a weird week. By Wednesday I had already had enough of the gym (to be clear, I was only there twice, I did yoga from my home) and I just needed to get out for a run. So Thursday I decided that I was not going to stick to my plan of waiting a full week. I was going to run three miles and run them however I felt like.

How was your week of training? Are you participating in #chasethebird?


  1. After my big fall race goal in October, I initially wanted to run another 50K IMMEDIATELY because it was so fun. But I made myself stop and not sign up for anything for at least a week. Now I'm sort of enjoying the run whatever/whenever thing I have going on right now and I'm making myself focus on strength work and not miles (which I'm not a fan of, but trying.) Try to let yourself enjoy the off season, hard as it may be. You've worked hard this year! :)


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