Training Recap: Week of November 16

So I have not yet managed to come up with a next step. A new goal. A new plan. I am leaning toward a half marathon for the spring, going for a PR, but obviously, as you have seen from my FOMO post, I am not sure that I am ready to commit to that yet, because then I might not have a chance to do other things!  Ha ha. That is ridiculous. Right?

So let's take a look at the week.

I don't have a schedule yet from the coach, so I figured I was just going to go mostly with convo pace/however I felt like running miles.

Monday: 5 miles with 4x30s strides
Tuesday: 55 minutes of strength training (took the time to DO the strength workout Coach Jenn gave me. I should do better at that next cycle)
Wednesday: 5 miles with 4x30s strides
Thursday: 5 miles, core
Friday: PT exercises, core
Saturday: 8 miles
Sunday: Jasyoga and PT exercises

Overall, a good week, and I am glad to be back on the "regular running schedule" train. I cannot WAIT to talk to Jenn and REALLY nail down a plan.


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