Thankful Thursday

So I am not typically a "thankful thursday" poster, but since it is Thanksgiving today, I can make an exception, I think... Not to mention, I enjoy having something to write about...

So, let's talk about what I am thankful for on this beautiful Thanksgiving morning:

1. My family. I am so happy to have these two in my life. Sometimes they stress me out and I worry about the little one (ok, and the big one) all the time, but without them, I would be less of a person, I think.

2. Running. This often seems like the only thing that I have that can keep my stress levels at bay. I am CONSTANTLY reminding myself that I "get" to run, rather than I have to run. And that helps.
3. My job. Although we are going through a stressful time at the office, but I still enjoy the people that I work with very much. They are truly the best, and I am grateful to have all of them most days.

4. My health. I have more health issues that are weird than a lot of people. Between various blood issues and dizziness, plus my strange habit of falling down and hurting my elbow, I am overall a very healthy person. I have learned and developed a healthy relationship with food and exercise, finally, and I am very happy to have it.

What are you thankful for?


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