Some fun stuff

Today I feel like writing. I don't have a particular plan for this post or where it will end up, but I feel like writing.

Things have not yet completely let up at work, although they are definitely getting better at this point, which I certainly appreciate. I am grateful (for once) for my choice in career because although my particular team and position was hard hit with a ton of stuff earlier in the year, right now we are not too overwhelmed with work. This was a bigger hit on the technology front. At least some of the guys in technology are back to seeing their families on the weekend. They weren't for some time there.

Addie's daycare sent me this picture of her napping. She really is the sweetest thing ever, even when she is insisting that she is a princess. I love her so much.

Last weekend, Addie and I took a trip to Toledo to visit family. Rachel and I had some plans that we had to take care of, and while we were there, my dad took the initiative to get all of us kids together and have thanksgiving. It made me feel sad that J was not with us. I think he was a little sad too.

But we tried to see if we could get a cute picture with Parker and Addie together, in their turkey hats that Rachel got for them. And hilarity ensues...

As you can see...  Disastrous. Trying to get Addie and Parker to BOTH sit still, smile, keep their hands out of their faces, etc, laughable.


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