Personality Knowledge

I have been trying to figure out some things about myself. I figure the more I learn, the more prepared I may be to figure out the mental game and confidence that I need in both running and my professional life.

So I took an online personality thing the other day...  It was your basic meyers-briggs test, but you picked this or that. As I was taking it, I realized, holy smokes, I am a bit of an enigma. I seem to have the opposite feelings about different things as this was going along. Like, I am a HUGE list maker (super organized) but my personal belongings are a disaster (scatterbrained).

So here are the results:

Hmm...  Despite all of the strange things that I perceived as contradictions when I was taking the little quiz, this seemed to make sense. I think that maybe describes me quite well?

What do you think?


  1. I find personality tests so interesting because when i took the Myers Briggs test in high school, it had me way further to certain sides than I thought was appropriate, but now it totally makes sense!
    Creepy, but potentially very helpful.
    But still creepy.


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