It's getting Chilly!

So now that we are into the colder fall and winter weather, I think it might be time to share some of my fave cold weather running items! Yes, I pretty much stick to Oiselle because I believe that they make the best stuff, but that can't be helped.

First up, the Lesley tight.
Pictured and linked here are the NEW Lesley tight, which I do not have. I have the original, but I don't think it has changed too much, from what I can tell from the description. They are the warmest of all of the Oiselle tights that I have, and that is necessary in Ohio!

On top, I like to go Lux layer on top of just a standard tech tee. 
This layer is warm and fitted to the body, but the cut up the side (shown in this pic) makes sure that it sit on your hips and doesn't ride up. Plus... Thumbholes.

When I am wearing tights, I typically do not wear long compression socks under them unless it is REALLY cold (and we have not gotten there yet). So I have been sticking with my current fave footie socks. My Bombas.
For a hat and gloves, I just wear some basics that I received for a Christmas gift last year. They are not made for running, necessarily, but they work (although I certainly have my eyes on that lux ear warmer that Oiselle has going on this fall.

Is it cold where you are yet?


  1. The Oiselle Lux layer. I am beyond excited that they brought back the long sleeve base layer version this year. It is hands down one of my favourite tops to wear in the winter. Wazzie Wool is pretty awesome too.


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