Indianapolis Marathon: Week of October 26

So now that I let the cat out of the bag that I am planning on running a marathon still this fall after a disastrous trip to Chicago, I suppose I can call these training logs what they are... training for the Indianapolis marathon.

I am sure if nothing else, that makes me going out for an 18 miler on a Saturday a little bit more understandable. But this week I did not do that. Because I am already back in taper mode. (Now THIS is the kind of training cycle I can get behind. 4 weeks, long runs of 12, 18, 12, and race day? Sign me up!)

So after last weekend's 18 miler (with 8 at marathon pace), I am back to easing down the mileage. Again. And this time, I think I am ready for it. So here is a rundown of last week:

Monday: 7 miles, 4x 30s strides, core
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: 5 miles, easy pace
Thursday: 6x800 @ approx 3:26 pace, 4x 30s strides, warm up and cool down
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 12 miles, last 4 at marathon pace (8:00-8:05)
Sunday: walk

So, another good week, I felt pretty good overall. The biggest thing is that I am mentally feeling better and more prepared. And if nothing else, more calm! Maybe I needed my Chicago disaster?


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