Indianapolis Marathon: Week of November 2

And it is over...  Chicago, Indianapolis... whatever my path was this fall, it doesn't matter anymore because it is over.

So let's take a quick look at last week and see what my final week of workouts looked like prior to the race (the short answer? pretty darn similar to the week before Chicago, but with one less day, therefore, one less run!)
Monday: 6 mile run plus 4x30s strides with Charlie (our first run together in MONTHS!)
Tuesday: the dozen (try it. hard as hell)
Wednesday: 5 miles with 2 at marathon pace (they ended up at 7:55 and 7:47)
Thursday: a Jasyoga video (I finally sucked it up and subscribed - loving it so far)
Friday: 3 mile + 3x30s strides + Jasyoga meditiation
Saturday: Indy Monumental
Sunday: lots and lots of foam rolling and stretching. Recovery at its finest during the #chasethebird challenge!

Hopefully I can get around to writing about the race sometime this week, but for now you will have to view stuff on twitter!


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