IMM - Pre-race

The Indianapolis Monumental Marathon went down on Saturday. If you follow me on instagram or twitter (hey!!! Follow me!), you already know that it was not as planned. But it is water under the bridge and it will now go down as a marathon of legendary proportions. :)

But for now, we are not going to talk about the race itself. Let's look at my inspiring (ha!) prerace plans. I had taken a half day off, and was grateful to be granted it, considering everything that has been going on at the office. After I got out of a meeting on Friday morning, I briefly chatted with my boss, and we talked about what I was working on, what was going on, and that, well, I might as well head to Indy and get a headstart on the road. Boom, says I.

So by 11 I was running to target (needed a car charger for my phone!), texting Karen to say I was driving and heading about 1:45 west to Indianapolis. Apparently Indy does not use ParkWhiz on the reg, like Chicago does, so they were only offering limited parking, and if you tried to change your times to overnight (like I was and like I did in Chicago) you were left with zero options. As a result, I planned just to park in the same garage that J and I parked in when we were there 4 weeks ago (we went there on the way home from Chicago).

After stopping about halfway there to get some chicken nuggets and diet coke (what? I hadn't eaten lunch and I was STARVING), I arrived in Indy, and I was able to check in right away. I got into my room, text Karen to say I would wait for her for the expo and kicked my feet up.
Yep. That is food network.

When Karen arrived, I went to the room next to mine (that was going to be hers!) and we headed over to the expo together. Now this expo was TEENY by the standards of any other marathon I have run. I told J it was even small compared to Glass City (it was!) but it was nice, easy to get in and out. Karen and I got our bibs, shirts, etc, and then walked around to check out the vendors. I ALMOST bought some Oiselle that was on sale, but talked myself out of it since I just had a wazzie wool and factory order in the last two weeks. I bought J some honey stinger gummies, and that was it.

After that, I again headed back to the room for some feet on my bed action. I also got "Flat Emily" ready to go. This was something I DID NOT do in Chicago.
Obviously, not having a flat emily caused a DNF. I won't make that mistake again.

At 5 pm, when all of the old folks were going out for their early bird specials, we marathoners walked over to Rock Bottom for dinner. I got my prerace beer and some food and chilled with Karen and Chelsa. We were chatting and discussing the race (except for the pink elephant in the room - my goal!) and Karen was giving us some course insight because she had run this course previously. I ordered a pizza to bring back to the hotel for J - he was meeting me there, he couldn't leave work early that day - and we headed back.

Walking past St. Elmo's we were greeted with something pretty cool!
The Clydesdales were in town! I have never seen them before, even when I went to Budweiser. Those are some HUGE horses!

After returning to my room, I hung out with Jason, watched TV and fell asleep to the Maze Runner, my alarm was set to go off at 5 am (8 am race time).


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