IMM - Post race

After finishing the race, feeling a bit emotional about running a marathon and needing to shake off some feelings about "not giving it everything I had"...  I moved on. I sat in the grass in my hat and laid down on my heat sheet for a few minutes before even texting J to let him know that I was done. I just needed some time. Within 5 minutes I test him, he let me know where he was, and I staggered to my feet to meet him halfway between where I was and where he was (in front of the Westin, which was on the other side of the street and close to the finish - I was at the end of the runner's area, so about a block further down from the finish).

After running in to J, we took a break so I could eat something and get some warmer clothes on (while I was sweating during the race, now that it was over, I was freezing!)
After hanging out long enough for me to eat my post race picky bar (which took FOREVER. I was not hungry), we walked back to our hotel and hopped in our cars. Because J met me in Indy, we had to drive separately home - that sucked, but it is what it is.

On the drive home, I chatted with Jen, reflected on the race. She advised me about not thinking about "what's next" until at LEAST Wednesday (FYI - this has been a struggle!) and we talked about how a year ago I would have been absolutely THRILLED with that time. Because a year ago (well, slightly more than that... pre-Columbus) I had no idea that a BQ time was possible for me. I was already in a pretty good place about missing my goal, but talking to her cemented that.

After arriving in Cincinnati, J and I consolidated cars and headed out to get my post race meal. It was early for dinner, but I was starting to get hungry. I am a post-race burger & beer kind of girl.
J and I went to Flipdaddies which is pretty much my favorite local burger joint. I had a whiskey bacon burger and grilled mac and cheese for my side (this was my "i ran a marathon today!" poor food choices selection). I also had a beer called "sparky" brewed by a micro in Northern Kentucky, Braxton Brewing. It was pretty good. But the food on my plate I came home with. I was hungry, but filled up FAST (Monday was apparently my hungriest day!)

I tried to NOT think about running and enjoy the football that was on tv, but I could barely walk. I have never hurt so badly after a race before.

And now, all that is left is to talk about the race! (But it will have to wait...)


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