IMM - the good, the bad, and the ugly

I haven't gotten around to completely writing a recap yet, because honestly, I am still recovering (physically and mentally) but I have started working on it. But for now, I want to review things at a higher level, while it is still fairly fresh in my mind.

Hopefully that is going to help keep things fresh and at top of mind so I can figure out where to go from here:

The Good

  1. I ran the first half slightly faster than what I would need to in order to come in RIGHT at 3:35. I was fairly comfortable running this pace for longer than this distance.
  2. When you realize your goal is not going to happen, you can do two things. Either you can quit, or you can enjoy the run because YOU LOVE RUNNING. In this race, I did the latter, and I am a MUCH stronger runner because of it.
  3. I ran a marathon. This always has to be good.
The Bad
  1. My hip had been hurting all week last week. ALL WEEK. And I felt like it was just tight because stretching it (leaning to the opposite side) felt awesome. So I spent time with the foam roller, etc. But that did me in around mile 16 due to a potentially compensated stride. My right glute (left hip was hurting) was LOCKED and I couldn't run on it anymore.
  2. I heard this was a beautiful course, but I was so locked in, I didn't enjoy it.
The Ugly
  1. Miles 16 & 17. Stopped to stretch during both of these miles. Their times are 10:44 and 10:00. A pretty far cry from the 8:05-8:10 that I hoped to maintain.
  2. Mile 16. Again. This is where I seriously considered quitting. My butt hurt SO MUCH and I was feeling a little defeated about not reaching my goal. I almost sat down on the curb (next to the light pole that I was using for balance while stretching) and started crying.
  3. My time. While in the big picture, it is not ugly, it is ugly considering I was trained for a time 15 minutes faster than this. 3:45:15.
So there you go. Hopefully a little something to tide you over until I get around to an actual recap.


  1. I am sorry the day didn't end up the way you wanted to, but kudos to you for hanging in there the last 10 miles. Sometimes the mental battle is the only one we can win if our bodies win the physical battle. I hope your hip is feeling better - and be proud of your 3:45 lady! I know it isn't what you trained for or what you are capable of, but it is a really awesome time!


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