I am suffering from an affliction

FOMO. Fear of Missing Out.

Have you heard this before? The first time I figured out what it actually stood for was when Oiselle was having a sample sale in Seattle. Obviously, I do not live in Seattle, so that was a bummer in and of itself. And FOMO struck. When I received an email from Oiselle claiming their "FOMO Sale", I had to google what that stood for. And yes, I had it about that sale. In addition, I definitely have it in other aspects of my life right now.

Right now, FOMO is impacting EVERYTHING in my life. Let's take a look.

  1. What if I don't run a marathon? What if I miss my chance at a BQ?
  2. What if I don't run in Toledo in the spring? It is my favorite race, but if I stick to the half, it seems late in the season to add on a spring/summer marathon.
  3. I am 32. What if I miss my opportunity to have another baby? Should I have another baby? Does Addie need a sibling? (Too be clear, I am not pregnant. I don't even know if I really want a second. I know I feel sad about the fact that Addie is BIG now, and I miss the tiny baby part. But that part is very short-lived, so I don't know that this means I need another child. TBD?)
  4. My job. I feel like I need to figure out EXACTLY what the next step is and the WHOLE picture, rather than just taking the small step and continuing to do my current job with a step up in responsibilities. I have to know NOW if I want to be the CFO or the COO (or just hang out comfortably where I am forever.)
I have no idea what this is so immediate, I have no idea why there is such a need to figure it all out right now. For some reason, this is weighing on me, constantly, and I am definitely in the middle of a struggle-fest relating to this.

Do you suffer from FOMO? How do you deal with it?


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