Friday Five III

It is kind of crazy that I am already on the third iteration of the Friday Five! I am definitely loving having a go-to post that allows me to have a much easier time composing a post for a certain day. So let's look at some weekly random items.

1. My little nugget made a lunch out of construction paper. She seemed to be having fun.
I do love her daycare. They have such solid teachers there. It is definitely a little school and not a daycare center. I think it has always been that for her. Even when she was very little.

2. I took out the #shortshortslongsleeves for a run this week.
Stride short mini in money (purchased during the recent factory sale) and the wazzie wool baselayer, my first wazzie. I purchased the wazzie during the reflective gear sale.

3. Last weekend in Toledo, I found something that I MUST get for Addie for Christmas. Or rather, Santa must get Addie for Christmas.
PICASSO TILES. These are seriously the coolest things ever. I think I will play with them as much as Addie will. My cousin Liz and her son Sam (and my Aunt Teresa) were visiting my mom last weekend as well, and Sam has these tiles. Addie was playing with these instead of watching Frozen. So as you know, this is a pretty big deal.

4. I have been dealing with some post-marathon/light running bloat lately. It definitely has my abs in disappear mode. I am hoping that as I get back to running and away from my weird food choices (post marathon enjoyment) I can get my stomach back to its unbloated state. Ugh. And running more this week, that obviously will help as well.

5. I am starting to explore options for my next race. Nothing has been selected yet, but I am planning on running a fast half. Not a full next. I think that will give me the mental break that I might need as far as training and progress go.


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