Friday Five II

I like this. I like the fact that I can walk into Friday with a plan for my post, even though it generally gets to be relatively random.

1. I am starting to go stir crazy with no running. I am taking these legs out for an easy 3-4 tomorrow. After all, it has been a week!

2. I somehow gave birth to the girliest girl on the planet. Princesses are her favorite thing, and in fact, she IS a Princess.
This was her at daycare as she ran up and down along the mirror saying "I a Princess! Princess Addie!"

3. I came home to a mess on Monday. Which immediately led to Addie yelling "Naughty Teek!" Yeah, it was definitely Teek (Zeus gets crated during the day. He feels better about it, and so do we.)
She got into the garbage. This is NOT the worst of the mess. The worst was found in the living room. A diaper, that had apparently been pooped in, but all the poop had been eaten out. Disgusting.

4. I have been reading "Daring Greatly" for this month's #LDRClub selection. So far, it is a very different pick than our first book, however, I definitely can find myself identifying with it a lot. Looking forward to finishing it for sure.

5. I RAN A MARATHON A WEEK AGO! (enough said)


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