Friday Five I

So, I decided that it might be time to join a very long time running blogger go-to. I mean, if nothing else, it can give me a standard. That is a good thing. So, how about a Friday Five!

1. I am running A MARATHON tomorrow. I am overall feeling better, more calm, going into this race than I was feeling a month ago. I hate to jump to conclusions prior to the race, but at the very least, I am happy that I put myself out there and tried to go for it again. I feel ready though.

2. One week ago was the little Roo's class Halloween party. In my ongoing effort to really be supportive of my family, I left work early and went to the party. At age 2, there were not a lot of games to play or anything, they mostly just had really fun snacks (and a lot of them!) and some parents came. Addie seemed to have a good time in her "Halloween Princess Dress".

3. I know that it is November, but we are definitely into legitimate fall weather every day (instead of just spotty days) here in Ohio. My feelings about that have been hit and miss. Somedays, I have been like "I LOVE THIS!" and other days I just want it to be warm. I have to remind myself how much easier it is to run in these temps (well, after I get warmed up it is easier).

4. I know we are not past Thanksgiving yet, but I have made some decent headway in my Christmas shopping. Not with J or Roo yet, but with the OTHER items I need for gifts. Friends, coworkers, siblings, parents, etc. I am calling that a win.

5. I have no plans for after tomorrow as of yet. No running schedules, no races. Nothing. I need to take time, digest, and THEN jump in and figure out what is next.

What are your Friday Five?


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