Addie's First (real) Halloween

So, this was the first Halloween that we really celebrated with Addie. Her first Halloween, she was less than three months old. So we did dress up, but we only stopped over at our next door neighbors house to visit for a few minutes. It was a rainy night, so we had very few trick or treaters.
Mama and Baby Snow White on Addie's first Halloween. Also - look at that bald girl! By the way, Momma and Roo Snow White are likely to make another appearance in a few years. These things happen when you love one particular princess like I do (Roo loves ALL princesses. Including Princess Fiona - Shrek).

Last year, it was raining and disgusting. It was the first Halloween in our new house. And Addie came home from daycare sick. She was not a happy little nugget. She stayed in the house with me and ate her dinner and then we snuggled while J passed out candy to the neighborhood kids (and the kids that got shipped in from all over - we have a good neighborhood for trick-or-treat). Despite the gross conditions, we had a TON of kids and ran out of candy.

This year, we were ready! We had a costume. We purchased candy. Addie was not sick. It was not raining (too much).
So here is the little nugget pre-trick-or-treat!

Princess Minnie Mouse (ok, just minnie mouse, but with the long dress, she kept saying that she was a Princess). And yes, that is the dress up dress that Grandpa (my dad, or Pee-Pa, as Addie says) got her for her birthday.

She was SUPER excited when I drew the nose on her (black eyeliner) and she wanted everyone to see that. She wanted to keep looking at her nose in the mirror, and she was pretty proud of her pumpkin as well. But she did want to fill up the pumpkin with various other things (puzzle pieces, books, socks, etc) before we went out trick-or-treating.

When we finally made it out, we went to about 8 houses before she wanted me to pick her up and carry her. That was the part that told me that we are ready to go home. So, trick-or-treat number one? Winning.


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