A weekend home

I wanted to write a little update about how the weekend went at our house when there was no traveling for a marathon, no twenty mile run, no travel to a hometown (we seem to be on the road a LOT lately), and just us... our family...

So I still planned on getting a "long" (that term is relative at the moment) run in, so J and I went to bed rather early on Friday night. My alarm went off at 5:00 am, and unfortunately my dogs went crazy, so J woke up too...  He ended up staying up. At 7 am, bundled up with a hat, gloves, and multiple layers, I headed out the door with plans to run 8 in just over an hour.

After my run and shower, while J got his own workout done (treadmill in the basement), I got Addie ready for the day. J had gotten her fed while I was out on my run. We headed out to the grocery early because we had to shop for all of our Thanksgiving goodies! We purchased our turkey, ingredients to make sliders (a fave of J and his family!) and ingredients for my dad's stuffing. My SIL is taking care of fruit (for the 5 kids that will be there, plus anyone else) and mashed potatoes. My MIL is taking care of desserts and a big salad. None of us are sweet potato casserole or green bean casserole people, so we went with fruit and salad. Whatever works!

After we got home, I fed Addie and got her down for a nap, and J settled in to do some work on the couch. I was planning on getting the Halloween decorations away (yes, I know I should have done that WEEKS ago, but between Indy and then being in Toledo last week, it just was not happening!) I have been listening to this audio drama, and I am HOOKED.
It is science fiction, so if that is your style, I recommend it. BUT it isn't quite finished yet (apparently there are still 4 chapters to be released!) and so now I am stuck WAITING until the rest gets released. Anyone have any podcast recommendations. I like fitness. science fiction. and true crime (serial, obvis).

After the Buckeyes lost (ugh, we are STRUGGLING with this one in my house), we needed Sunday to be a little MORE relaxed. J made homemade biscuits and gravy for breakfast (yes, I married a man who loves COOKING!) and we put on the Lion King for our little Simba lover (her current favorite song is Hakuna Matata. Expect a singing/dancing video in the future). At naptime I started decorating for Christmas. Yes, I realize that it is not Thanksgiving yet, but you know what? I got my village up. That is a WINTER item. Therefore, it is acceptable.

While decorating, I enjoyed the first of many of these of the season:
My favorite!

We made a simple dinner that night, that was a hit with the whole family, even little miss eats-only-yogurt.

How was your weekend? Have you started your holiday celebrations?


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