What's next?

Clearly I have something going on... I mean, non-professionals don't just go out and run 18s for no reason at all. Right? So, I have made the decision not to waste all of the training that I put in to Chicago.

So in less than 2 weeks, I am going to be running the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. I am still going to put everything on the line and put myself out there and try to get it. I am still going for the BQ. If I wasn't, I am not sure that there would be any reason to run. To me, running a marathon is not fun in and of itself. For me, it is not part of a larger goal like training for an ultra. To me, this is it, right now. So in the spirit of determination and not wasting 6 months of my life, I am moving on and tackling this beast.

Admittedly, I was considering not putting this out there in the internet world at all (until I tweeted splits via the tracking), but I had enough questions asking me what I was up to now that I was through Chicago. So, Indy was an obvious decision because there was enough time between the two, it was easy driving distance from Cincinnati, and I have two AMAZING friends (Chelsa and Karen) who QUICKLY convinced me this was the right decision and had made a hotel reservation for me the SAME DAY as the Chicago Marathon. I am SO GRATEFUL to have them as friends.

Onward and upward.


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