Taper Madness

Ahh... taper madness... It definitely seems to set in on most marathon cycles. And for those who train hard for halfs, it sets in then too. I usually get it much worse for the full than the half though. Anyone with me?

I found the above image at The Runiverse.

The hardest part for me is feeling mentally ready. You definitely start to question everything that you have done to get ready for the race and wonder if it is enough. What if I ran another 20? What if I hadn't messed up and quit that 22? What if I ran that 12 early in training when I came home from Vegas? What if I skipped Ragnar and did "serious" runs instead?

Yeah. We all have to get over it. It is SO not that big of a deal, right? The work is done.

I keep repeating that to myself.

The work is done.

So here are a few articles I have been reading and rereading to reassure myself.

Battling Taper Madness
Three Mantras to Calm Taper Madness
Taper madness: running withdrawal puts many marathoners on edge
How to spot taper madness

There is tons of other information out there on the subject. And trust me, if you have trained for an endurance event, you get it. If you haven't, but you know someone like me, you get it. You have seen me pacing in meetings or staring at a bowl of candy...  All of these things are real.

Have you suffered from this madness?


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