Super Heroes at the Office

So, in order to get through writing my real race recap and marathon expo rundown, I need to take a break and get a few other things out to make sure that I am on top of posting again this week. I know that it may take a while to really get out all of my feelings about the race, but I wanted to try to continue to be posting the way that I have been.

So last week at the office was Customer Service week. Our  in house customer service team (they handle escalations, training, our BBB rating, etc), planned the event for the whole office last week, and had a Super Hero theme. We had a super fun week, and thanks to all of them for planning some fun for us.

Friday was "dress like a superhero" day, and in a rare turn of events, I dressed up (I am trying to participate more frequently in office events, and this was a step in that direction). Plus, I figured out how to turn some of my regular running gear into a super hero outfit. I had come up with this a while back and it was going to originally be my Halloween costume, but when super hero day came up, I couldn't resist.
I went as Aquaman. Admittedly, I did not even KNOW what Aquaman's super power was when I selected this costume, but I was informed what it was later, and now I might be a little embarrassed. He can talk to fish. So I was alternately called throughout the day AquaLady, AquaGirl, Aqua Woman, Aqua Emily, Glitter Girl (that belt was shedding EVERYWHERE), and the Fish Whisperer. Lovely.

But I am not the only one who stepped up to have some fun.
We have SheRa, a Ninja turtle, Plastic Bag Man (don't ask), two batmans, two wonder womans, a Superman, Aquaman, and my personal favorite, Quail Man!

There is something to be said for a job like this one.


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