Post Chicago - Fun times!

So, I planned to get my Chicago Not-a-Marathon blog post written today. I hoped to have it written before today and going live 10 minutes from when I am writing this. But it has taken me a lot longer to try and get my thoughts together around that than I thought it might, so I am delaying that post again.

I am still not sure exactly what went wrong (although I have theories), and I am not quite over it yet. I have not moved on yet. And I am definitely feeling sad about it still (reignited yesterday when I synced my watch for the first time. That made me start examining my splits, etc.) But again... I am still working through all of my feelings about this.

Instead of that, I have decided to post about what we did AFTER I didn't run. I mean, we had planned a mini vacation around this race with both of us being off on both Monday and Tuesday, so even though I was a little bit down in the dumps (ok, a LOT down in the dumps) I was determined to yank myself out of it so we could enjoy ourselves!

I am going to skip the race part, because that will be included in a separate post.

A few hours afterward, J and I got in a cab to head to my cousin's new neighborhood in Chicago. He and his wife just purchased a brand new place in Wicker Park, and we agreed to head over there to meet up with them. J's team (the Chiefs) were playing John's team (the Bears) so even though John is not really following the Bears right now (as he said, all of his eggs are in the Cubs basket), we thought that would be a fun and good excuse to get together.

So we had the cab drop us off on the corner that John told us to go to and ended up at the Fat Pourhouse. This is apparently owned by the same guys who own a bar that we went to the last time we were in Chicago to have drinks with John. That was last summer when we went to Billy Joel. This bar was in a completely different part of town, but we could kind of tell based on the pictures that we saw on their website and the extensive draft and bottle list. J, John and I all had a few beers and watched the end of the game before walking over to John's new place to meet up with Ashley.

We hung out there with them for a few hours, saw everything in their new home, Ashley and I talked for a while (which was good. She and I have not spent a lot of time together in the past, sadly). And after an hour or so, J and I headed back into the city for our dinner and to hang out. We got dropped off in Near North, a neighborhood that we really like. But all of the restaurants there were packed, and honestly, I was wearing sweatpants and therefore not feeling super comfortable at a place that had a sign that said "proper attire required."

So we left Near North and headed back to the Mag Mile where our hotel was. We ended up at a restaurant that was part of the hotel next door to ours called The Windsor. We started with guacamole, which was excellent. I ended up having a giant salad (it was delicious) and J got some ribs (he said, also delicious). Although it was not what we had planned on when we left Wicker Park, it ended up being really delicious and I am happy with the way everything turned out!

On Monday morning, we were up at a decent time, but hung out in the hotel drinking the coffee I walked to grab at Starbucks before walking over to our car at around 10:15 am. We had BIG plans for Monday.

Within an hour of driving we had arrived at our planned destination.
3 Floyds Brewery in Munster Indiana. This has been on J's must try list quite a while and due to us planning to have Tuesday off as well, this trip we were finally able to make it happen! It probably added only 10 minutes of drive time to our trip and we avoided the toll roads as a result. So saving $9 is much better than 10 minutes less in the car. That is official.

We had a taster to split and ordered an appetizer. This place was where we planned to have lunch, and after seeing their list of eclectic food items, I was pretty excited. Our appetizer was bacon and duck fat caramel corn (and NO, I am not kidding!) and it was AMAZING. For our meal we split an order of wings and some fried cheese curds (I might not have run a marathon the day before, but I was certainly enjoying eating like I had!) which were both AWESOME.

After our trip for beers in Munster, we continued our trek through Indiana with the next stop in Indianapolis. We had booked a hotel downtown via Priceline while we were getting ready for the day back in Chicago. When we got to Indy, we checked into our hotel, I did about an hour of work, and then we left. We decided we were going to have a drink (and J was going to have the special shrimp cocktail.) at St. Elmo's. We grabbed dinner and a beer or two at a little brewpub, then stopped at BWs for some Miller Lite (we needed something that was a little less) and J played a few games of Golden Tee.

The next morning, we got coffee before heading back home. I was sure glad to see my Roo!


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