In an effort to write about something this week other than my nerves around the marathon, (because trust me, they are certainly overrunning my mind right now) I want to write about the fact that FALL IS HERE. Fall is my most favorite time of the year, and I would just live somewhere where it was all fall, all the time, if I could. I know that there are places out there that have temperatures like fall all the time, but they don't have the other fall benefits. Colors, pumpkins, other squash, etc. 

But sometime last week, the weather turned. It started getting light out later in the morning (I would drop off Roo at daycare in the dark). The temperature dropped into the 40s overnight (it was in fact in the 40s when I took off for my run on Saturday morning). I have had to head out for my runs in tights and long sleeves (which also involved me trying out my brand new Flyte long sleeve in pop!)
I saw a picture of Lauren Fleshman in this top - I think she is wearing it in her Jaybird video that is on YouTube? - and NEEDED it after that. Then on Saturday I finally had a chance to pull it out of my drawer and take the tags off. And as I said, it is getting light out later, so I needed that brightness for my run!

J and I had plans to take Addie out for a pumpkin picking excursion last weekend, unfortunately it was very rainy. I am bummed about that because the rest of October is going to be a bit busy for us. We have Chicago, then Toledo, and by the next weekend after that, it will be so close to the holiday that all of the local farms will be pretty busy (I am assuming). Oh well...  We will get a pumpkin SOMEWHERE. The plan for the pumpkin is to paint it this year. Well, let Addie paint it. 

We had our fall financial planning session with our advisor, which led me to look into a few things to make some adjustments. October is going to be a tough month for me, financially because I have some car repairs that need to be done and obviously, we have a trip to Chicago coming up. 

I want to set some goals for fall, but not knowing yet how Chicago is going to end up admittedly has me a little bit nervous to make too many plans... Which might be a little bit weird since my fall is not going to change if I do not hit my Chicago goal. I am not going to try a redemption marathon in three weeks or whatever. I am just going to... be off. And start getting ready for the spring. And right now, I do not know what my spring plan is going to be. I don't think that I am going to run a marathon in the spring no matter what the outcome is...  To be determined, I guess?

So... for now... no fall goals other than to enjoy it with J and Addie and start getting prepared for the holidays. I took the time to decorate this year for Halloween, which definitely has me feeling a bit more cheerful than I did last year at this time. Last fall was rough for me, and I am really working hard to make changes (and have been for a year now) in order to have a more enjoyable year. So far, I would call that effort a success?


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