Chicago Training: Week of October 5

Well, last week (this week when I am actually writing this) was race week. I cannot believe that my heart and soul (other than J and Addie) that I have been pouring my energy and thoughts into is here. By the time this post goes live, I will know if I reached my goal or not.

J and I left for Chicago early in the morning on Saturday and got to the hotel and stuff before going to the expo. But I will update all of that stuff later.

So let's take a look at this FINAL week in training.
Monday: 6 miles with 4x30s strides. 6.57 total miles, done on treadmill.
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: 4 miles, easy. 8:51 avg pace.
Thursday: 5 miles with 2 mile tempo. Tempo avg was 7:52. 4x30s strides. 5.53 total miles.
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 2.7 miles, 3x30s strides. 3.07 total miles. + walking around expo.

Obviously, I am writing and pre-scheduling this, so I have no timing and stuff for you, but I am sure that I have tweeted it by now, so you will know if I make my goal. Not sure if we will have wi-fi in Chicago (TBD) so we will see if I start getting my recap written or not.

Now to figure out what is next!


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