Being a Role Model

Sometimes things suck. Sometimes I think that I am being pulled in far more directions than I want to be pulled in, and I think that trying to make everything work out is way too hard. I mean, I know that I am not the only person on the planet that has all of the same things going that I do, but my blog, and I want to talk about me.

So let's look at these pieces.
  1. I have a full time job. In general, it is a 40 hour per week job, however, for the last year+ I have been locked in at around 50 hours. Someday maybe...
  2. I train for marathons, and have found through this cycle that I am really enjoying higher overall mileage. So keeping the miles high might be important going forward.
  3. I have a family. A two year old, two puppies, a husband. All need lots of Emily time, and I want to give them ALL the Emily time that they need and want. 
  4. I need to have some ME time. And I know that a lot of people might say "running is your me time" but honestly, I need something else, something MORE than that. I need to read. Relax. Watch tv, have friends, whatever...
These things KILL my calendar. I am slammed all the time. I am trying to figure out how to make all of these things fit into my little life and my sleep and blogging are usually the first things to go. I know that I am not the only one out there that has issues like this, but it is possible that I AM the only one with this pretty little blue eyed thing who looks up to her every single day.
So for that reason, I keep trying. I keep searching for that perfect balance where I can do everything that I want to do, and everything that I need to do.


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