Annual Frankenmuth trip

Last weekend, J, Addie, and I all made the trek up to Toledo for the weekend. That was planned before I did not run in Chicago. As you may recall, my mom, sister, Aunt and cousin and I all go up to Frankenmuth MI one Saturday in the fall to spend the day together, start Christmas shopping, and usually just have a good time. Several month ago, Jason got asked to play golf with his friend Jamie in Toledo on Saturday the 17th, so he suggested I find out if that would work for our trip. A few text message exchanges with my mom and we were set!

Now, obviously, I had originally planned to have already finished my  fall goal race by now, so I would be OFF completely all week, not having any kind of workouts to worry about I would be in recovery mode. Only.

Yeah... clearly that is not the case...

Anyway, I was still excited for the trip and I was still planning on using that day as my "walking" day on the schedule rather than trying to squeeze in a lot of miles when we were planning on leaving at 8 am and needing to go and get coffee/bagels before. I was up with my mom WAY too late on Friday night (that is always what happens when I go home - no idea what is up with that) and then up at about 20 minutes to 7 on Saturday morning, let my pups outside and got dressed. My mom was up as well, and after getting the dogs inside and letting J know what was going on we left to go to Barry's Bagels and Starbucks.

By the time we arrived back home (and have of my Venti Pike was gone, whoops) Aunt Laurie had arrived and we were just going to wait for Rachel. Addie woke up, so I brought her downstairs and settled her onto the couch with J and when Rachel arrived we all said goodbye to Grandma Kate, J, and Addie and off we went to go pick up Megan. In years past, Aunt Laurie picked up Megan on her way to my mom's, but since she got a new house that is even MORE on the way, we went and got her afterward (note: I feel like this made a difference since we started at my mom's at the same time as always, but still had to pick someone else up).

As usual, our trip was focused around one specific store.
Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland.

There is Rachel, me, and Megan in the wreath. I think I have a similar picture of the three of us from last year (but maybe on the other side of the wreath.)

I mostly bought gifts on this trip.

I am not done with ANY of them, but it was nice to check a few boxes while I was there.

I got some pictures of the Roo from my dad who was watching Addie while I was gone and J was golfing.

It appears as though she may be a percussionist?

Also - I found this when I was there.
That is Elsa's ice castle. And if it was not $220 (!!!) I would have seriously considering purchasing it for my Elsa loving daughter (they have a lot of other Disney Christmas Village items).

Did you do anything extra fun this weekend?


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