A Two Year Old. What?

So yeah, I have a lot going on with the race right now. Work has been busy as well. But let's take a few minutes and check out that little Roo. Somehow she has made it to not-so-little status, which makes me happy and sad all at once.

She loves yogurt. And when you point your phone at her, she immediately "CHEESE" es.

She might have a Picky Bar obsession, just like her mom and dad. And we have actually had to INCREASE our monthly subscription, and be sure to get some uncaffeinated flavors, because We obviously don't want her to have that!

She loves a selfie.

She loves Minnie Mouse (and her birthday gifts from Grandpa - my dad).

She knows how important it is to focus when pooping (and she is about 85% potty trained!)

My girl is ONE COOL CAT. And I really love her little nugget face (and we are working on the binky, she was screaming in the store. We will get there. We have to!).

More on the best two year old ever sometime soon, but hope you enjoyed seeing a little update of her!


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